Medi-Cal Eligibility and Recovery and Health Insurance/ Special Needs Planning

Services DETAILS

  • Medi-Cal eligibility qualification plans and representation at all levels of process
  • Representation at Medi-Cal Administrative Law Judge hearings and trials 
  • Representation throughout the In-Home Supportive Services qualification process
  • Medi-Cal Estate Lien recoveries, health insurance liens, and medical debt collection lawsuit representation
  • Special Needs financial planning, trusts, and tax and wealth transfer planning

We provide counsel and representation in all aspects of Medi-Cal eligibility and planning. You and your family may need to qualify for Medi-Cal to cover the costs of medical treatment, in-home care, or medications and prescriptions. We work with you to develop a plan to qualify your loved ones with a disability for public health insurance at the least cost to you and your family. We provide representation at each stage of the qualification process for Medi-Cal, including assessment and verification for in-home care and other supportive services. We also provide representation at all levels of the Administrative Law Judge hearing process before the Department of Health Care Services and California Superior Court. Further, our office has the requisite expertise to represent you and your family in Medi-Cal lien collections, estate lien collections, medical debt collections lawsuits, and health insurance matters. Finally, we provide comprehensive special needs planning for all aspects of the legal and financial needs of a person with a disability, including special needs trusts and long-term tax law and wealth transfer planning.

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