Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant

Services DETAILS

  • Eviction defense (unlawful detainer) and litigation
  • Landlord evictions of tenants threatening health and safety
  • Master tenant and subtenant disputes and litigation
  • Tenant habitability, nuisance, quiet enjoyment, and wrongful eviction suits
  • Federal and state housing discrimination and harassment litigation 
  • Personalized counsel and advice for landlords and tenants regarding local ordinances
  • Real estate boundary disputes (easements)
  • Residential purchase/ sale disputes
  • Broker and agent representation litigation
  • Quiet title actions and disputes
  • Residential lease disputes and negotiations
  • Commercial Real Estate assignment and sale disputes
  • Lease negotiation and drafting

In another area of critical importance to our local communities and property owners and tenants alike, we provide crucial counsel and representation to tenants and small landlords regarding their ever-changing rights and obligations under local and state law and ordinances. Our firm has in-depth knowledge and expertise in wrongful eviction litigation, landlord/tenant protections and ordinances, and real estate disputes stemming from our experience working at one California’s preeminent real estate litigation firms. We help our clients protect themselves and seek redress for wrongs committed in the most sacred of places, their homes and businesses.

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